Kevin Jobsky
Marketing Executive

White Amber
March 2001 to May 2003
Marketing Manager

The start-up company White Amber was an application service provider that targeted large consumers of contingent labor. Having joined the company after its maiden year, I helped shape the company into one of the top three recognized industry solution providers, according to an analyst from CIBC.

While with White Amber, I reported directly to the executive team and handled all marketing related duties and responsibilities. I briefed analysts regularly, provided marketing support for our account management team, and even helped with training during massive implementations with our Fortune 500 clients.

For my efforts, the executive team and my peers honored me with its inaugural "Most Outstanding Employee" award.

Although the company reached profitability, it was eventually sold by the controlling private investment firms. To make the company more attractive for sale, many executives and salaried employees were let go, including myself.